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House Hippo T-shirts



Do you have trouble remembering where you can find House Hippos? Or what they like to eat? Or do you just want to tell people you refuse to believe they don’t exist? We are extremely excited to launch our brand new line of House Hippo T-shirts at HouseHippo.ca. Available in men’s and women’s cuts and printed on 100% cotton American Apparel, featuring 3 designs: I Want to Believe, House Hippo Habitat, and House Hippo Facts.  

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break the rules


break the rules

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I’m all about human x monster friendships where the human is like “there’s this asshole at work” and the monster is like “should i eat them”


What about that Hiccstrid :’D looking forward to see the movie



So the only reasonable way I saw fit to calm my feelings about this movie was a simple solution. DRAW ALL THE DRAGONS. Guys go see HTTYD 2, hands down it was probably the best animated film I’ve seen in a while.

Oh my god this art style


KILL la KILL「もっと!もっと!」鮮流



My friend’s misprinted fortune is kinda dark.

is this destiny


Show Dany WIP!




Imagine if T-rex didn’t even have visible arms on it’s body and the tiny arms on it’s skeleton were like the leg bones you find in whales and snakes


A big monstrosity with lots a sharp teeth and no arms…

…waaaait a second

T-rex confirmed for footie sleeping bag.



someone give him a crossing guard outfit




HBO is going cable-free — and you can thank millennials for it 

In a move that’s shaking the entire television industry, HBO announced it will begin offering online-only packages that will allow users to access its entire library of content without a cable subscription — and you can thank Millennials for it.

TV watching habits are changing | Follow micdotcom

Pay attention, network goons, because your stupid outdated business model is dying with your audience. The future is online.

Don’t lose your way! & Kiryuuin Satsuki

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Honestly the fact that people are saying that skeletons aren’t funny anymore because all of Tumblr jumped on it tells me nothing except the fact that it is COMPLETELY possible to be a meme hipster.


inktober #13

one of my favorite otps from one of my favorite games

Anonymous: Can you explain to me why everyone hates dubs so much? I know there's a lot of dubs that aren't very well done and lots people say the Japanese voice acting is better but if you're watching subbed it's not like you can understand it anyways. I personally kinda like dubs because its nice to not have to use 100% of my focus it's easier watch but That seems to be a fairly unheard of opinion. It just seems everyone hates on dubs and I just don't get why


I’ll admit it…this is a hipster thing. For the first 10 years I watched anime (the 1990s) subbed was usually the only option. When dubs existed they were almost invariably bad. So I got used to it being one way…now, watching dubbed anime just feels wrong…it feels phony to me. It’s hard to articulate, but I know it’s irrational because even Avatar seems like it should have subtitles even though it’s an American show. 

So I recognize that this is irrational, but it’s not something that I think decreases my or other people’s happiness…so I shall remain firmly a lover of subtitled anime.